I didn’t set any yearly goals for this year. Yet it’s been the single most successful year I have had so far.

I am not saying the lack of goals made me more successful, in fact I think the opposite, that you can achieve more by setting goals.

Years before this one, I had a list of goals that I wanted achieved by the end of the year, and I would work towards them. They made me progress, a lot. If it wasn’t (partly) for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

My life had a big fucking change the last year. And it was all because of my hard work. Before this year, I was living at my grandma’s working a low paying web developer job, 50+ hours a week.¬†I was grinding¬†during my off-time, I read books, created side-projects, all to better myself and climb up. 3 years went by like this.

It all changed, drastically, on November last year. I started out a new job, at a place where they actually value developers. It all changed so much.

Last year I was partly dependent. This year I am fully independent. Got my own place, got my own car, got an awesome remote job as a developer, got promoted to senior developer…


Oh and, I even got married!

It’s why I think I didn’t set any goals for this year. I was fine with the current state of things, I had actually achieved a lot of things that I wanted to. This year was like taking a breather.

I start the grind again in 2018, I have a list of goals already written down. They are more general goals though, where before I was more focused on career, I am now focused in life goals alongside my developer goals.

Happy new year!