Day 1 – Learning Android Development

As the first real post, I will be talking about my plans for the coming 30 days. Starting today, I will go on a journey to learn Android development. My goal after these 30 days is simple: Publish an app in the Play Store.

I don’t have much experience in programming. I started out last year with Python and have since then developed many small programs, mostly simple algorithms and small unfinished games. I have a good foundation of the basics otherwise I would not have been able to create my own 2D tile-based game, building the engine from scratch with Pygame.

Why android development? First of all, because I want to create something I would want to buy myself. Second, because I want that something to reach a target audience that likes my product. Android lets me put my app on the Play Store and that’s a great channel for reaching big audiences. I didn’t go iOS because of the restrictions (license and OSX) and because I myself own a Galaxy SII.

Day – 1
So far I’ve been able to set up my development environment and build my first app. I followed the guidelines from and installed the android SDK and eclipse with the ADT plugin for an optimal Android development environment. I created a project and ran my first app on my phone:

I must say it feels motivating to have such a fast time from setup to first app. Whenever I do any small changes and compile the code, it takes no less than 2-4 seconds for the app to run again on my phone. I feel this fast feedback is very important so that I don’t lose momentum. I have also set up the AVD (android virtual device) in order to test my future apps on different specs.

Author: JP

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  • Kyle

    I am working on a simular project as you, i have been working for the last few months in python/pygame, I have my eclipse build setup and have the pydev build to run python programs (pygame) in eclipse. What I am trying to do is build an app with the android sdk that can use my pygame inside the app (put game built in pygame on android app through sdk) that way the main menu would be coded in java with buttons, etc, then when you click the play button it goes to the pygame code. Are you aware of anyway of doing this, or anybody else on the web. You can make individual projects of the 2, and make an adroid app through python, but I want to integrate both languages features for the best performance. How am I going to do this???? I have looked on the web and I can’t find anybody talking about doing this, it may be impossible, maybe not. Many people when buildng a program integrate multiple languages together, is it possible for this to be done for an app in eclipse????

    • JP

      Hi Kyle,

      Unfortunately, I have no idea if such a way of doing things exists. I think you would have to look for a library in Python that supports Android, as you mentioned, you already found a way to make a whole python app in android. So there must be a way to use that library and create the interface in java. Or you could try making the interface in python. Just keep looking!