Day 3 – Learning Android Development

It seems the next chapters in don’t really hold you by the hand as the first one where they guide you through building your first app. Instead they introduce you to the basics like managing activity lifecycles, supporting different devices, supporting different platform versions, building dynamic UIs, etc, but they only show you how to implement those specific things and provide you code snippets. What I need is more tutorials like the first one, where they show you everything.

I went to reddit/androiddev to see what people were using to learn android development. Someone referred TheNewBoston’s android videos. I checked them out. They are very good, at least the ones I’ve seen. He starts from scratch and the videos are never longer than 10 minutes each so each of them focuses on something specific. What is really good is that you can hear him explaining and at the same time showing you how to do it. If you don’t get something you can just rewind or look at the youtube comments. Most of the time if there’s a problem it gets pointed out in the comments.

By following his first 10 videos I was able to create a little app that adds 1 to a counter when you press a button. Simple, and the Java was easy, but I feel that I’m grasping the essentials more and more now.

Adding + 1

Author: JP

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