Painter is a chrome extension which adds the ability to use a drawing pad right in your browser without leaving your current page.

Screenshot of the extension in use.
Screenshot of the extension in use.

How to use:

  • Download the file
  • Go to¬†chrome://extensions/ in your browser
  • Drag & Drop the downloaded file in to the extension’s page.
  • A Dialog should appear, select ‘Add’ and the extension will be installed and should appear next to your omnibox.
  • the extensions icon is a smiley face.
  • Click the Icon and you can start drawing.
  • To save, press the save button, this will take you to another window where you can right click the image and ‘save as’ (I want to improve this, the saving should be more seamless.)

I recently had a project where I had to deal with the canvas element to create digital signatures. This lead me to get a little interested in the canvas. At that same time my team leader created a paint demo using¬†canvas in codepen (probably out of influence from the same project) so I wanted to give it a try as well. I first wanted to create an extension for the new whatsapp web service. I wanted the user to be able to draw using the extension and then just directly push it to web.whatsapp but I never figured out how to push it. Hopefully they bring out an api? It would have been just like MSN messenger back in the day where you could draw and push that drawing directly. Since I couldn’t figure out how to implement that functionality I just made a general extension.

Github link