• Bit operators
    In the beginning, there was the bits, they were the 1s and the 0s. 1s were positive bits, they gave meaning to things, 0s were negative, but necessary. When working together, they could make wonderful things. Let’s look at this group of bits what are these 0s and 1s telling us? Basically this: Each 0 […]
  • React Hooks and Context to Replace Redux
    Things have changed since I came back to React a couple of weeks ago. I had used React extensively for 2 years around 2015-2017. Back then, redux was the craze. People wanted to use it for every project, no matter the complexity. React Hooks and Context have come to change that. Now that I come […]
  • Maze Generation in React
    Play with it A few months ago I read an article on maze generation and it sparked my interest. Since then I began working little by little on a project to create a maze generator. I took the time to make it visually show the steps the algorithm takes. You can see it generating cell […]
  • Angular Tutorial: Server Side Rendering
    How do you go from a normal app to a server-rendered app? Let’s start with a normal app. Download  Tour of Heroes. This is the completed tutorial app they use over at angular.io. Once downloaded, head over to the root of the app and npm i  to install the dependencies. Then do npm start and head over to http://localhost:4200  to […]
  • Webpack for connected set ups
    For a long time, I had the notion that webpack could only be ran for set ups that are independent from the back end. For example SPAs that only communicate with AJAX. I closed my mind into thinking that it had to be ran with a development server. You would make the webpack config file […]
  • Square root In Scheme
    Scheme is beautiful, here’s a nice example on how to calculate square root with a 0.001 tolerance: Just functions building upon functions…
  • Boilerplate: Webpack + React + Redux
    A boilerplate for playing around with react, redux and react-router with the help of webpack. Contains: a working example of a filterable table which you can play around with (look below). ES6 – 7 Support with Babel Redux dev tools to help you keep track of the app’s state hot module replacement support so you […]
  • Understanding a Simple React, React-Router and Redux Application in ES2015. Part 2
    This is the third article in a series of posts on react, redux and webpack. Others: configuring webpack Understanding a simple react, redux and react-router app in es2015, part1. Here, we will cover the routes configuration, the actions and all the react components starting from the Root.
  • Understanding a Simple React, React-Router and Redux Application in ES2015. Includes Hot Module Replacement and much more.
    In this post I will try to make you understand how a javascript react application with redux and react-router works and how they play together. We will be using this boilerplate.
  • Tutorial: Webpack setup using React, React-Router and Redux for developing Front End applications. Includes Hot Module Replacement and much more.
    In this post I will show you how to build and understand a webpack config file for developing applications with react, react–router and redux. I also provide a boilerplate to start developing right away. If you already know how to set up webpack and wish to learn more on building and understanding react apps, see this post. It […]