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Boilerplate: Webpack + React + Redux

A boilerplate for playing around with react, redux and react-router with the help of webpack.


  • a working example of a filterable table which you can play around with (look below).
  • ES6 – 7 Support with Babel
  • Redux dev tools to help you keep track of the app’s state
  • hot module replacement support so you can change modules or react components without having to reload the browser
  • a webpack production config so you can build the app and make it ready for production
  • Sass support, just import your styles wherever you need them
  • eslint to keep your js readable
  • much more…

Run the app

  1. npm install
  2. npm start

Once running, if you want to hide the redux dev monitor: CTRL+H

Yes, it takes a while to load the first time you open the app.

Is the hot module replacement really working?

Yup! Take a look:

The app updates without the browser having to reload. You don’t lose state!

Build the app

npm run build

This will build the app into the “dist” directory in the root of the project. It contains the index.html along with the minified assets, ready for production.

It should look something like the above image.

I don’t understand anything!

I went ahead and wrote a detailed series of posts on this project for you. I hope it helps you understand better:

Why doesn’t it have async?

To keep it unopinionated. You choose what async library you want. If you want to check out a full example with async in it, check this simple todo-app