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League of Legends Team Stats

League of Legends Team Stats  is a web app I made for the game with the same name. I made it to quickly build teams and check out general stats for each player.

The website is made using node.js + express + react + bootstrap all made by myself from scratch. I started development during mid march of this year (2015). I stopped before July due to work reasons and couldn’t continue development.

The game’s API changed a few months ago so the calls I was making to get and calculate player stats are gone. you can just look up players now.

I probably won’t continue development, I have lost interest in it. But it sure as hell was fun building it. I would come home from work+gym and tinker on this for 2-3 hrs during the night until I fell asleep in my desk. I wish it had become what I wanted at first, which was to build some sort of functionality that would predict which team was going to win given their statistics. But at least I made a working application that brings a little bit of value: composing teams.

The development of this app helped me work on a lot of things, including:

  • Node + express
  • React
  • Amazon Web Services: Storing in EC2 and deploying with Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Task and time management (using trello!)
  • Iteration and Increments: From the start I valued having increments on the application that could be deployed and usable instead of building everything in one long stretch. Without this mentality I would have probably left the project sooner and without a working version. At least what I have now is usable although not what I would call complete.
  • Small wins: I set up small atomic tasks on trello which would quickly get done in under 1 hour. By moving each task to the “done” column I would feel a sense of victory, which would motivate to start working on another task.

The site is no longer available as I had it under Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and it will cost me to mantain it up.



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